Follow Me on Instagram Contest

Our free cash giveaway contest giveaway started in November 2014 and Summer 2015 was to inspire girls from around the world to do our  "Remote Modeling Concept."  

 Contact me if you want to play! Our Winner in November 2014 was a beautiful teen girl from Hawaii who continues to inspire me to move to Hawaii!   Our winner in the summer of 2015 is shown below after she  and her friends did a fun beach audition!  She made out with cash and new suits too!   You can to! Just apply today!

Contest Rules: 

Rule 1: Of course you have to FOLLOW me!  My quick link to my profile is on the bottom of each page  of this site!  The giveaway is for GIRLS, as I don't shoot boys or men, so have zero interest in them following me, in fact I typically block men. 

Currently no contests or  Free Giveaways at this time!

 I did a few audition shoots here in Florida  with some local girls over the summer and paid them $100 a set plus two new expensive suits. References are available.

  I'm always looking for beautiful girls to model, so apply today!  No fees or costs to model!