The "set " requirements:

A set is 30 or more full size digital images ideally from a DSLR and 30 minutes of HD full resolution video.  Minimum size of HD video should be 1280 X 720 or preferred 1920 X 1080 Full HD format.  Shot in the wide screen  landscape mode, NOT the vertical "selfie mode."  I'm not looking for a pro style shoot, just  lovely girls having fun doing what they do at the beach!  Hawaii  teens are doing this already, only for free! Earn some money! Samples:

Shoot suggestions:

This concept is intended for girls living in exotic places so ideally we should see some exotic locations as a background!  The girls need to wear cheeky or thong suits and  show off their booty during the shoot. Not a problem for Hawaii girls! We should see the girls legs, eyes,  wet hair etc... just like a swimwear video.  If your unsure let me know, just be fun!

Rule 1:  Do not edit the video, I want long extended shots of the girls close ups, full shots, artsy, booty and more.  I do not want quick 2 second shots! Let the video camera run, I'll edit it later!

Rule 2: Have a close friend help you shoot. NO Selfie modes!  No JUNK!  No surfer boys!

Rule 3: These need to be all original images shot just for this deal! Do not use pictures already posted on instagram and do not use another's work unless you have permission.

Rule 4:  Remember to shoot HD video in the full resolution and wide HD mode, do not use the vertical "selfie" position as shown below! Please use the wide HD mode, or you won't get paid!

What you need to have:

Ideally you should have access to a HD video camera or DSLR like a Canon or Nikon that has HD video modes.  A Go Pro  3 or 4 will work for water shots too!  iPhone 5 or 6? Let me know first!

You should have a PC or Laptop to make a copy of your camera / video camera's SD card.  We won't be doing this over email or cloud.  HD video files will be way too big for email. So make a copy of the pictures and video sessions and these will be mailed to me using a postal service with tracking numbers. Tracking protects you and shows me when you've mailed your stuff.

When you have your first "set"done:

Congradutaions! You've done it and it was so easy!  Now to get paid!  It's simple really, you can send me a few sample pics if you want, but take your SD cards ( images on one, video on another for example) and make  a copy for you, and package them up securely in a padded envelope and then place that in a USPS 2-3 day priority envelope and contact me prior to shipping as the modeling promotion has expired.

Make sure you get tracking and it will cost you less than 7 dollars to mail.  Send me the tracking number and I can track it.  I will send you a partial payment and the rest once I review the material.  I will also send you a little extra for new SD cards.

Once again, I can  prodvide model referrals that have worked with me and been paid.

Feel free to ask me ANY questions here, email or instagram DM. 

It's a real deal, take a chance and get rewarded!  Once your paid keep doing more sets!

Instagram "Remote Modeling" Bikini Model Shoot:

After I saw a free video on Viemo featuring Hawaii girls using their own GoPros, I created my instagram account to promote  paid bikini modeling opportunities to girls around the world.

The idea was to allow girls who post thong and booty pics to do their  own   photo and video modeling shoot themselves at their exotic location!  Like say Hawaii, very simple and easy!

Do a custom shoot for fun and get paid  for your time and work!  

Make $100 a photo and video set!

Girls, you can go out to your favorite beach or exotic location, have a friend take pictures of you wearing a thong bikini or thong one piece and send the unedited pictures and video to me. Once your files are received, I will pay you via PayPal or however you want, I'll even do exchanges like swimsuits or products you need.

 I can provide references with my current bikini models, family friends with daughters and their friends or parents who know me and even models off instagram who have received money.

Local Girls wanted to model too!

Want  to model?  Please use our contact page and apply! We will get back with you and ask for some demo pictures. I can set up a audition shoot at a public beach or park where we can meet and do a fun test shoot.  Plan for about three (3) hours or so of your time while I get approx 100 pictures and 30 or more minutes of test video.  Girls get paid roughly $100 for each set.

I have bikinis that should fit and if not there is Plan B: ( go buy some at a local shop ) I like the girls to wear cheeky or thong suits as that is what all the designer suits are so don't be shy!

I also shoot minor teenage girls so any girls under 18 will have to sign a minor release and have a parent or assigned legal age (18 and up) guardian present as well. No nudity required.