July 13th 2017

I've been getting a lot of fan requests for information on the new persons and when or where the content will be re published. I'm not at liberty to discuss that, as I don't know either! I'm sure they will let me now and then I can pass it on to you!

July 24th 2017

I've been busy following up with fan emails and house work, so if I have not responded to a request or question, please send it again.  

July 10th 2017

This site was created in 2014 to try to kick off a Unique idea: Let the girls do their own modeling shoots from their location and get paid!  Details are on the Models Wanted Page.

Needless to say, it's not worked! So far anyway! So I've updated this site to keep the fans informed during my transition to whatever I'm gonna do now!  I have plans and goals but we'll see how they do!

July 27th 2017

I heard from Heather, surprise shes pregnant! She and her older sister Ashley are trying to get on but need some help. She asked me to see if any of her fans would like to offer some donations to help out.  Older sis Ashley also was pregnant  and has a cute little girl. If you would like I can accept them  and forward them to her.  Please make sure any items are sent with tracking and if possible in a priorty package to prevent theft.

My address: DB Productions, PO Box 61150, Palm Bay, FL 32906

June 29th 2017

End of an ERA! I sold my modeling website and all the bikini modeling content I had produced since 1993!  I had started out by hiring bikini contest girls from the local area and then dancers from the topless clubs. My first bikini modeling website was online in 1997 and it was pretty limited in scope and artistic layout, but hey we get better!

Around 2000 I got hooked on the latest web trend: Teen Modeling Sites! A lot of beautiful girls with poorly done sites or asshole web administrators that treated the customers like crap left a negative impression on the mainstream media. Unfortunately most sites didn't last long.

That left a lot of fans unhappy! Well I thought I could do better and I tried it my way!   My teen site was online in 2004 and ended its run in June 2017. 

I wrote a very sincere thank you letter to all the fans, customers and girls who participated during that time on the main web page and have been personally thanking fans by e-mail.

August 15th 2017

How is everyone? The old site is gone now and we will ALL have to wait and see how it re-emerges! I received a few items for Heather and will forward those to her when she wishes to re-contact me. Social Media only works  when its TWO way communication.  It's been like talking to a wall these past few weeks, very frustrating!!